"Remmunity is born out of a passion to create and develop products for today’s world.”

Remmunity develops immunity-boosting skincare, based on unique and natural ingredients offering instant solutions for the volatile & ambiguous world we face today.

Given our passion to develop skincare, we started to look at our skin from an immunological angle. Our skin is functioning as first line defense of our immune system by protecting us from all kind of aggressions such as temperature, UV, bacteria and viruses. When our skin doesn’t function properly, we are more susceptible for bacteria, viruses and other external aggressions.

Driven by our constant eager to find the best ingredients with the highest performance, we came across the natural antiseptic features of tea-tree oil, cranberries and zinc. Knowing this, we had our starting point for our immunity-boosting skincare products.

With Remmunity’s first launch, Invisible Gloves, we offer a hand cream which is your invisible protection against aggressions, bacteria and viruses.