Invisible Gloves: 3-in-1 protective hand cream

Remmunity Invisible Gloves is a revolutionary protective hand cream that instantly forms an invisible barrier on your hands. Just one application of our hand cream gives you 5 hours of worry-free protection against aggression, dirt, bacteria and viruses.* 

FIGHTS | fights against viruses, bacteria and dirt

PREVENTS | prevents moisture loss

SHIELDS | shields for potential risks and skin irritation

INSTANT | immediate invisible barrier 

This revolutionary 3-in-1 high performance hand cream combines the benefits of 3 products in 1: hand sanitizer, nourishing hand cream and a protective glove.


Remmunity Invisibe Gloves combines the benefits of three products at once:

  • Fights bacteria and viruses* as an hand sanitizer
  • Prevents moisture loss as a nourishing hand cream
  • Shields against germs as a protective glove


Remmunity Invisible Gloves is waterproof and will even remain after repeated washing. The cream is non greasy and is fast absorbing into the skin. The effect will last up to 5 hours.

As it's a gentle formulation, nourishing your hands, this product is ideal for daily use. The product will protect you anytime & anywhere. 

A tube of Remmunity Invisible Gloves contains 100 ml ℮. One tube of  Invisible Gloves equals 150 disposable gloves


Remmunity Invisible Gloves is clinically proven effective**. This unique formula is a combination of actives with moisturizing and antimicrobial properties. This combination helps maintaining a healthy skin by preventing moisture loss, skin irritation & damage. Once applied on the hands, this protective hand cream shields for hours against dirt & germs.

With its unique combination of three strong natural antiseptics, Remmunity Invisible Gloves protects you anytime & anywhere.

  • TEA TREE OIL (Melaleuca alternifolia)
    Tea Tree Oil is nature's most powerful antiseptic. It has shown to manage and kill bacteria and viruses. 

  • CRANBERRIES (Vaccinium macrocarpon
    Cranberries have demonstrated to inhibit bacterial and viral attachment. They are rich in Vitamin C and antioxidants which stimulates the natural defence. Bacteria and viruses will be neutralised.

  • ZINC
    Zinc plays a central role in the immune system. Studies have indicated that it blocks an essential pathway causing the bacteria and viruses to starve hereby modulating your immune system.

All natural antiseptics are clinically proven effective. 

In order to achieve the best results of the Invisible Gloves, it's important to take the following steps into account:
  1. Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and dry your hands.

  2. Squeeze out a small amount of the product on your hands. You should aim for the size of a pea for both hands to obtain the best results. Any less will not be enough and too much will result in a sticky layer.

  3. Rub in the cream thoroughly, taking care to cover all areas, such as the fingernails (including cuticles) and the wrists.

  4. Let the product dry for 2-3 minutes, so the creams feels not sticky anymore. The cream’s waterproof formula will allow the skin to breathe all the time while it protects the skin.

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